Evaads - How it works?

Evaads is a new emerging free youtube exchange platform. We will show you how it really works.

Widen your audience, optimize your content and much more with this new emerging website.

Note: You will need an active youtube account.

Step 1: Go to Evaads Website.

Go to the url http://www.evaads.tk/

to visit the website.

Step 2:Register/Login

Register/Login either by clicking on Google Sign In Button on the right side of the navbar or by clicking on Get Started Button.

Step 3:Start Earning Points.

Navigate to exchange through navbar and start earning points, By using those points you can add campaigns for your own Videos.

There are two methods of earning points. 1) Regular Method 2) Special Method

Step 4:Add your First Campaign.

When you have earned enough points. Then its time for getting some back. Go to the campaign section through navbar and add your videos and start earning.


Get 1:1 video views, subscribers, comments, likes. It means that for every channel you subscribe you will get one subscriber. Therefore you will get every subscriber back.